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Open from 10:00 to 24:00 (Last orders is 23:00)
Closed on Wednesdays (subject to change), 30th and 31th December.
1380-1, Kugamachi, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Pref., Tel 0827-82-3115


This terrace-house style building is Kamado. There are big kamados, or kitchen stoves. It was said that the size of kamado showed the class of family. On ceremonial occasions, all family members used to gather at a main family's house. To welcome and treat many people, including relatives, large kamados are needed. We hope you will enjoy meals in spacious and relaxing rooms.


This is an entrance. A large lantern as a landmark of our restaurants of Kuga.


A souvenir shop. Enjoy shopping after the meal.


After passing the cheerful shop, you will find separated buildings. On your left, the older building of Kamado. On your right, the detached.


Interior of the older building of Kamado. A cozy small room with 3 tables. It is good for a party of about 8 persons. It used to be a cafe to offer drinks and sweets.


The interior of the detached. There is a large wooden table. Capacity is 20 persons. Recommended for a large group.


Move forward passing the detached on your right.


After passing under the low eaves, the view opens out before you. Come in from Kamado's entrance on your left.


On your right, many open-air tables.


Look up. A waterfall also welcomes you.


View from the fall.


A large pond.


Come inside the building. You will find large "kamados", kitchen stoves. It is as big as to cook a large amount of rice to treat many people, that means a higher class family in old days. This room represents a kitchen in old times, which equips kitchen and a well used for make-ups.


Tables around a fireplace with a pot hanger. There are horigotatsu, of which heating element is set in a recess in the floor under a low table. These remind you of a country house in old times of Japan. It is one of the most popular rooms. A room for a maid is also reproduced over the stair-shaped cabinets. In old time, people had meals in the wooden room like this and slept in a room with a tatami-mat (straw-mat) floor like that room next to the wooden room generally.


Take off your shoes and go upstairs on your right. Here is the cozy second floor like a hidden attic room of bandits. Watch out the extending beams.


Look up over your head. You can see the structure of a room truss of wood without a ceiling.


We look forward to your coming to our restaurant again. Take care and have a safe drive back!

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